1. Book How to Change our Human Nature

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If you look at our society you will see a number of social problems that are difficult to change by social work or by politics. So the increasing aggression in our society seems to be unstoppable. Football vandals destroy train after train and senseless violence seems to make sense for some people. In this book you will see that there is a basis under human behavior that is mostly not mentioned. That basis is made up of a number of biological factors. Can more insight in these biological factors lead to a better world? This book and the website want to give an answer to that question.
In the past 10 years there is a tremendous development in DNA research and knowledge in the field of our biochemical household. The field of biological psychology makes a huge development. This knowledge forms the basis for this book and the website. Both will explain how the neurotransmitters in your brain cause human behavior; more important: to understand and accept human behavior.
You find a part of the content of this book on this website human-DNA.org

The book “How to change our human nature” offers insight in the way human behavior is evoked by neurotransmitters and hormones. More important: this book shows also methods to change our human behavior. It can be bought at Lulu.com as a ePub or as a printed book. Both versions are the same, but the ePub is cheaper and has the advantage of links to the internet in the tekst. Some links will be corrupted after some time. On this website you will find a list of links used in the book that is regularly updated.

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