2. Summaries

The knowledge regarding the biological basis of human behavior has grown explosively in recent years. We know that feelings and emotions are based on biochemical substances, and we know that our behavior is largely controlled by neurotransmitters in our brain and limbic system.
It is time to translate the update of the modern life sciences into social interventions. “How to Change our Human Nature” gives more insight into human behavior and offers new solutions for behavioral problems, such as depression, stress, aggression, alcohol and drugs abuse and problems in sexual behavior.
This book provides not only basic material for you as a person, but may also give support for anyone who has a job in education, welfare or politics.
Who knows, it may help a desperate mother who needs a firm nanny to solve some educational problems.

Part 1 discusses how biochemical processes work and how they are the foundation of human behavior. You see how easily the delicate biochemical balance can be disrupted and can lead to uninhibited behavior and behavioral problems.
Part 2 examines the possibilities that we have to intervene in behavior by regulating our biochemical housekeeping: our neurotransmitters and hormones.

This book can be bought at Lulu.com as a ePub or as a printed book. Both versions are the same, but the ePub is cheaper and has the advantage of links to the internet in the tekst.
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