Summary 2 The role of biological determinacy in different stages of life

Summary 2

The network of neurons and the endocrine system is different for each life phase and has different effects in every phase. In developmental psychology, we also know these life stages. Here they are colored in through biological factors. From pregnancy to the inevitable end, our neurotransmitters and hormones are built up and phased out. In this chapter, we identify the neurotransmitters per phase and describe which hormones are most active. They cause the stormy dynamics of life, and they determine the sexual predisposition, cause a midlife crisis and finally form an important factor in mental problems during old age. At each stage, there are risks of behavior problems, but during puberty, guidance and support is most necessary. Especially in young men, there is a decent chance that the biological factor is not only the basis, but also the boss.

The biology of gender, from DNA to the brain (Karissa Sanbonmatsu | TEDWomen 2018) This is an interesting Tedd talk. You will see in this video an amazing animation of DNA-knotting. Karissa explains how this is related to sexual identity, to be a woman or a man.

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