5.5 Introduction to “Con-Fusing Gravitation”.

Introducing Con-Fusing Gravitation with content view and selected equations 2018 – Google Docs
by Ruud Loeffen

In our solar system and in the universe exists a Root Mean Square Velocity (VRMS) calculated based on the velocities of our planets around the Sun. This velocity is the basis for all motions of the planets around the sun. The value of VRMS equals:
1.2278E+04 m/s or about 12.3 km/sec. The Root Mean Square Velocity in our solar system is also 12.3 km/sec. We calculated and recognized this VRMS in:
* the Gravitational Constant
* the Hubble Constant
* the Einsteinian Coupling Constant “kappa”
* the Temperature of CMB.

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