Summary 4 Biological interventions

Summary 4
Biological interventions are interventions by which you consciously use the knowledge about biological factors in human behavior. The evolutionary view of newer parts of our brain, the PreFrontal Cortex (PFC), in particular, makes it possible to gain control over the primitive limbic system, and over the older, evolutionary part of the brain. Thanks to the prefrontal cortex, you can influence the way our biochemical housekeeping keeps calm; for example, by first counting to ten when you’re likely to lose patience. We call this a TCA-intervention. In addition, you can use your knowledge of biological factors by connecting this knowledge with behavioral problems like autism and ADHD. When suffering from depression, you can try to recover the balance of neurotransmitters by compensating for the shortage of norepinephrine and serotonin through a sporting effort. Meditation and yoga have a clear influence on the biochemical balance in the brain. By hugging others, you can induce the production of oxytocin and strengthen the adhesion in the process. Alcohol and drugs exert a very direct influence on our brain, but our diet also contains a variety of substances that are sent to our mind. By using underlying biochemical knowledge, you can commit interventions in everyday life. Nurture through nature.

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