Summary 1: Statement from the biological basis

Summary 1

In recent years, scientific discoveries in the field of DNA and biochemistry have laid a new foundation under human behavior. This knowledge is described in many important and ground-breaking books. The beginning of this chapter provides an overview how our human history is anchored in contemporary human behavior. Biological properties are passed through by the human genome, including how the endocrine system works and how our brain controls the precarious balance between all kinds of neurotransmitters and hormones. Each neurotransmitter and hormone has its own specific function within human behavior. The main body chemicals are described in this chapter and make clear how concrete human behavior is shaped by the network of neurons and cause feelings and emotions. Thus, in this chapter, we see among other things, a link between oxytocin and hugging, between vasopressin and territory, between MAO-A and calmness, and between PEA and romantic love.

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