5.1 What’s the problem?

Gravitation is the basis of our human life. What is gravitation really? We still don’t know. Gamow was disappointed that scientists did not pay attention at this mysterious force. Today we find more than 8000 theories about this subject.

4 pi r2

You’ll find some authors and websites about GRAVITATION and EXPANSION listed on the next button. These websites (these authors) have one thing in common: they all think that there is something about gravitation that must be cleared by some new explanation. At this moment there is no theory that is broadly accepted as scientific valuable. Probably we need some elements of different theories to put together. Some parts to combine, some parts to throw away, some parts to change. There must be something that we did overlook until now. Let’s rethink gravitation together.
Gamow would be proud and satisfied.
Let’s go.
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