5.4 For authors

On THE BUTTON Overview of links, you will find a list of theories that try to explain what kind of force GRAVITATION is. I did put these theories in an overview so you can compare them. I think you need a few years to overview them all. Not too much for you if you would like to be the next Einstein. Anyway, I think: Together we can figure it out.

What is my purpose? I have three options: you can choose one if you are an author about this subject.

1. You would like to be on the overview list that names the authors of theories about Gravitation and/or Expansion. Just send me your data and I will put you in the overview.
2. If you would like to cooperate with other authors, to share your ideas, your calculations, your opinions then tell me. We will form a group that will communicate on a special forum (part of this website) This forum will allow the authors (who get special access with a password) to share their ideas and opinions.
3. If you would like to really share your ideas and make a Task Force Gravitation Group (TFGG) let me know. This group will share all ideas and opinions. In January 2018 we have 6 members: Nainan Varghese (India), Tufail Abbas (Oman), David Levitt (California), Stavros Tassos (Greece), Ruud Loeffen (Netherlands).

So: let me know what you are interested in by sending an email to rmmloeffen@gmail.com

Ruud Loeffen
January 22, 2018