3. Managing Global Governance (MGG)

Neurotransmitters and hormones regulate human behavior on an individual level, but when people are gathered in a massive crowd, these biological factors rise to a high potency and often to a high risk that easily can get out of control. Fueled by politics, there have been many outbursts of aggression, as lately seen in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and many other countries. Usually it begins with political dissatisfaction with the process of democratization. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can quickly mobilize a large crowd. These meetings may be peaceful for months; however, there is not much required to evoke neurotransmitters such as vasopressine and adrenaline to cause major problems. It could end in a civil war. In all these cases of violence, it is much the same as with a blazing fire: as long as it is small it can be controlled. But once it gets out of control there is major suffering. What started as a call for peace and democracy ends up in a war. Main chapters here are: politics, finance, arms trade, energy and education.