Summary 6 Human nature in worldwide context

Summary 6

Very recently the concept of epigenetics has been explained in a number of scientific publications. It means that some of the genetic material can be turned on and off by ‘switches’ on the basis of environmental factors. Thus the DNA reacts to the environment and can change the DNA and put some properties in the front and other properties to the rear. That means that you as father, mother, or grandparent can exercise influence on the genetic material of children, in particular when this DNA in the sperm and the egg is formed. The genetic material that is carried by young men and young women is formed by the whole environment, including bystanders.

In addition, this chapter focuses on the life coach. This coach can teach people about what is ‘lucky’ and how they can be happy. Remember that happiness is a certain biochemical cocktail in your brain.

MAO-A and empathy are very important, and I explained why women must have a bigger role in society, unless you want to continue our violent history and would like more war to occur.
Finally, this chapter comments on scientifically proven facts; what is true and what is not true. I encourage you to stay critical. Exceeding your own discipline can open new perspectives and lead to better methods.

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